Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Night at the Opera

I notice that the time between posts is decreasing. I'm down from two years between posts to only a year, so following this formula, It'll only be six months before my next post...

Have to work on that. Anyway, at lest I've been keeping busy. Did a comic, working on 2 more, and started my webcomic (finally). More on that later, I'm sure. I've also taken on a slew of freelance commissions, nothing too serious ( and i say this not to be modest but because they don't really pay that well...grumble...) but really, the expose is what I'm after with those.

Though you can die of exposure.

Enough! the opera! the Kind folks at Tempo set up an amazing night last week, we got to see a free showing of Mary, Queen of Scots at the Minnesota Opera house, and all we had to do in return was draw it. Yeah I know, we made off like bandits, but you you don't say anything neither will I.

Either way, I've got the sum total of that nigh all posted below, It was awesome, I really hope we get a chance to do this again sometime. In the meantime though, I'll be (ha ha) -trying- to post here more often. I've got webcomic and commission sketching to show all y'all and a few new comics I'm trying to get up and in the air for springcon, so keep an eye out.

Till then, go check out the Opera...

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