Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh yeah, i DO have a blog...

This is the reason I'm always so hesitant about blogs and online journals. It's tentative at first, there are the nervous glances and the embarrassed looks away, he formal introductions foll0owed by the honeymoon and the wild passionate whirlwind of posting for a few months. then the passion fades and the fighting starts, the blame game, the insults the forgotten passwords and we just drift apart, wonder what it was we saw in each other in the first place.

I kid, but it's not so funny from here, connectivity is the lifeblood of success and i am anemic.

I ment to post after i returned from south Dakota this summer, i spent almost a month and a half on the road from late july to the end of august drawing charicatures at county fairs, swap meets and even sturgis bike week (no joke!). but at teh end of it, i was so done with the whole ordeel i just wanted to forget about the whole thing. (bad bussines, sleeping on the streets, broken down car, and at the end of it, a dead boss...)

enough. this is and art blog (theoretically) so then art. I'm going to be at the new and improved spring con in a few months as well as nakamacon, and after that? well, one thing at a time.

oh yeah, almost forgot...

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