Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Opera part three

Ok, first things first. Obviously this blog is on it's last leg. I need an art blog, but blogger has never filled that need very well. I've been playing with tumblr for the past month, and am in love. so in addition to my Deviantart and Furaffinity accounts, I'll be posting any of my regular junk to my tumblr.

As for the future of this one, I have no idea. there seem to be some new options I have yet to dig into, but I doubt highly they can compare to the networking tumblr's been showing me. so we'll see.

Secondly, the opera!

once again tempo invited us to the Minnesota Opera to see Cosi fan Tutte, an -excelent- show. I've posted the sketches we got to do below, but don't take my ink for it, go see it, it's well worth it.

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